Past & Current Projects

Typical Functional Testers

Indesco, can provide functional testers [PLC or PC/PLC Combination] for both front and rear seating in both single and double configurations. Motor testing can be performed, using current transducers to analog inputs. We also verify the correct direction using analog position sensors.

Typical examples of functional testing are:

Airbag Resistance with and with-out shunt, remove shunt, check resistance and replace shunt
Heater Current Draw, Automatically power up heaters, check current and turn off
Seatbelt/V Make Contact closure, make or break regardless of initial state
PODS Sensors Power-up, check for presence for 5VDC signal
Memory Modules Verify existence and operation of the module by exchanging commands and responses
Final Position Set and verify shipping positions
Lumbar Physical position and function
Seat Weight Sensors Verify calibration
Sound Testers Verify proper SPL
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