Past & Current Projects


A few custom products manufactured recently
in our Louisville, KY facilities:

Ford Truck Over and Under DVD Pushers
[Ref # 6300]

This machine provides the employees of Ford Truck with the ergonomics, cost reductions and process improvements needed to exceed the ROI. The 3 machines that were delivered on July 2006 for model change over·included all fabrication and assembly, including all controls assembly and programming.

Controls schematics, cabinet layouts, controls parts, all required controls drawings. Ford VOSS specs, excluding metric hardware and hard piping (use poly tubing). Numatics 2005 Series solenoid actuated valve bank, 24V.

Standard Numatics power valves will receive pilot pressure from the solenoid valve bank. SLC 5/05 with RS Logix programming (include RS Logix liscense).

Banner 48” light screen/controller. Daykin disconnect/transformer. Acme transformer. Safety relays for the E-stop and light screens and programming port. Allen-Bradley limit switches (2). Banner Q45 photoeyes (2).Stack light-one per unit. Operator controls and Cabinet enclosure Hoffman (approx.37”x60”). Safety interlock switches (Telemecanique) and keys for gravity lockout pins.

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Toyota Transmission Shooter Pallets
to hold the following transmissions on a common centerline:
[Ref # 15461-02R3]

The1GR 2WD, 2UZ 2WD, 2UZ 4x4, and 3UR 2WD and 3UR 4x4 with weight ranges from 90 to 110Kg.

Indesco provided a prototype design and build of a shooter pallet using the base concept as provided by Toyota. Where a removable 2WD tail stock support is used, that when removed the pallet base serves as the 4x4 tail stock support and the front of the transmissions will set in a steel yoke layered with urethane and covered with Kevlar to support 2WD and 4x4 transmissions on a common centerline and constrain pitch and roll to ± 1.5°.

Design and documentation of the transmission pallet, including AutoCAD generated drawings, and bills of material. The pallets are be built to NA-AMS. Customer did supply as many transmission models as possible for set-up during build and run off of pallet to reduce debug time.

Delivery was made for 20 pallets in 12 weeks.

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Lear - Mezzanine Seat Swap Fixture
equipment and installation.
[Ref # 15372]

This device is designed to lift three (3) different seats for the U251 vehicle. The system will be used on the mezzanine level utilizing existing super structure and some existing components of the previously supplied seat lifting mechanism previously supplied by Indesco Inc. Types of seats to be lifted and moved for the purposes of sequencing seats prior to shipping are as follows: 60% 5 passenger seat. 60% 7 passenger seat. Driver’s seat.

Concept, design, and modify existing lifting system and render it capable of lifting the described seats. New design will incorporate dual lifting mechanisms, located at either end of the overhead lifting trunion assembly.

Indesco provided tooling capable of lifting three different seats as described above without changing lifting tooling. System will require operator to visually identify seat to be removed from shipping pallet and change mode of lifting system by use of selector switch to match the seat to be lifted. Indesco provided necessary components to modify the existing Indesco supplied lifting mechanism so that it will be capable of lifting and transporting two seats simultaneously. Each lift mechanism will have independent lifting controls and function independently. Operator will visually identify the seat to be lifted from shipping pallet and by use of handle mounted controls and turn the position switch to the proper corresponding seat configuration.

The lifting systems will automatically configure itself to the proper positions by use of pneumatics and mechanical slides for lifting the seat. After operator properly places lifting system on the seat, the operator will utilize the handle mounted button controls to lock the lift to the seat and then use one of the handle mounted button controls to lift the seat up from the pallet and place on the adjacent pallet. Operator repeats sequence for the lifting device located on the opposite end of the lift assembly. Operator then places each seat respectively in the proper position on the adjacent pallet. Each lifting unit is unlocked after the seat is properly positioned on the pallet and lowered into position.

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Lear-MX Infrared Semi Automatic Oven
to heat TRU sheets for the X11C headliner.
[Ref # 6271J--Lear-MX]

The oven will have (9) nine heat zones each top and bottom capable of heating the TRU material to 554 degrees F in 45 seconds. (35) lamps top and bottom total. When the material reaches temperature, the conveyor will automatically exit the part from the oven and send the TRU sheet into the die press as the next TRU sheet is brought into the oven and the cycle repeats itself. Enhanced controls for better temperature monitoring using a Panel view Plus 700 and a Compact Logix PLC with Analog Cards.

The TRU Sheet material after Infrared Semi Automatic Oven has heated the material to 554 degrees F and it has been die pressed. The material will then be water jet cut and ready for installation. Being inspected after test run at Lear-MX facility.


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Stationary Transmission Rotator
[Ref # 15343-R]

"Stationary Transmission Rotators" move transmissions with minimal effort. Transmissions will traverse on linear guides mounted atop a steel base frame anchored inside a 24" deep pit.

Base frame height will elevate rotator unit such that linear guides will be flush with 'chemical floor grating' when properly installed.

Mounted on top of the mechanism will be a cylinder with a locking mechanism attached to the end for assurance of stable mounting of the transmission. An air motor coupled with a 180.2:1 gear reducer will control the pneumatics while rotation will be controlled by a manual valve to rotate the transmission both clockwise and counter-clockwise.


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Glass Clip Machine
[Ref # 15390]

Glass clip insertion machines for clipping "L42A" Front / Rear-Left and right auto side light.

Each machine will have two cross slides with the capability of a manual reconfiguration of each machine to accommodate the opposite side light.


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