• Indesco is a Custom Designer, Manufacturer andControl Systems Integrator of Capital Equipment.

  • Indesco is a Custom Designer, Manufacturer and Control Systems Integrator of Capital Equipment. Customer Specific Focus Through EVERY Cycle of the Program starts with world class standards. Indesco operates under the highest standards set forth by certifications such as ISO 9001-2001, Six Sigma, Kaizan, Lean Manufacturing and QS-9000.

    We provide innovative manufacturing solutions and cost alternatives so that you can remain successful in today's fast paced business environment.

    Let us help you automate your process:

    - Full Design Services
    - Manufacturer
    - Custom Fixtures
    - Custom Machinery
    - Automated Machinery
    - Control Systems Integration


As you tour our site, the words and pictures will provide you with information about many phases of our operation. From concept to installation, Indesco is vertically integrated, an industry leader, and your solution provider!.

Indesco has uniquely drawn from over 26 years of history. Indesco is a Custom Designer, Manufacturer and Control Systems Integrator of Capital Equipment.

IDC Engineering was formed in 1976 as a Custom Capital and Controls manufacturer. In 2002, Alpha Group, parent company to IDC Engineering, decided to reorganize their business objectives.

Today, Indesco is considered a leader in: Full Design Services, Manufacturer, Custom Fixtures, Custom Machinery, Automated Machinery, Control Systems Integration

As a result, the "IDC Engineering" division was dissolved. A small group of former employees of Alpha Group/IDC Engineering came together to form and incorporate Indesco, Inc., in Louisville, Kentucky. Their intent was to continue the business with the excellent reputation established by IDC Engineering, Co., which had the highest quality and excellence in designing and manufacturing of automation, assembly equipment and custom controls.

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